Driving VS2010 Dependency Graph Analyzer (Generate Depency Graph) Crazy

Just some minutes ago I did run the ArchitectureGenerate Depency Graph after some refactoring and got the very descriptive error message “Cannot find type Sem.Sync.SyncBase.StdElement in module Sem.Sync.SyncBase.”. It’s ok not to find the type there, because I just moved it into another namespace, but the “Generate Depency Graph” should not search there, because the solution is building completely without any error and even cleaning the solution did not solve the problem.
Googeling for the error does not return any relevant information, so I did exclude the only thing I know to have a trace to the old status: the “Modeling” project. That project does include a dependency graph from the time before the refactoring. Without that project the “Generate Depency Graph” command did run without a problem.
So a little tip: if you get problems with the “architecture” features of “Visual Studio 2010”, just exclude all projects you don’t need and try again.


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