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February 20, 2014

Just forwarded this interesting video to another fellow worker, where Daphne Koller (co-founder of the MOOC platform Coursera), discusses the new opportunities lying in the data generated by MOOCs. For users a platform like this does contain tons of information and knowledge – for the people providing the content and the platform, the users offer a huge amount of data, too. It’s not just the name, address, career level and interests of the users, but also (with adding some slightly different material) the opportunity to see whether something like showing up the teacher the whole time inside the video does help users to get better results or if it does disturb the user while learing.

I’m currently on the following platforms:

  • Coursera – a platform that partners with universities worldwide, and offers courses online for free
  • Udemy – a commercial platform where everyone can publish courses
  • edX – a non-profit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT

Unfortunately there is so little time and so much to learn.


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